Here is a detailed information about Amazon and Cal Young – Eugene Real Estate data

The second largest city in the state of Oregon next to Portland is Eugene. And there are two communities or neighborhood associations that stand out for Eugene real estate. These are the communities of Amazon and Cal Young.

Amazon and Cal Young both have almost the same statistics in real estate matters. These two communities almost have the same average sizes of households: Amazon has an average of 2.2 people; Cal Young has an average of 2.3 people per household.

One of the most obvious differences between the communities of Amazon and Cal Young is their size. Amazon is a lot smaller than Cal Young. The community of Amazon is only less than half a square mile; while Cal Young, on the other hand, is a whopping 6.76 square miles, bigger than the average neighborhood.

While these two Eugene neighborhood communities vary in size, their demographics are almost the same in terms of median household income in 2011, pegged at around USD 45,000.00. Over half of all housing units in Amazon and Cal Young are with mortgages as of 2011 data.

In terms of house sales, in 2012 – 2014 Amazon sold 83 homes. Cal Young on the other hand for the same period has sold more than 1000 housing units.

As of 2010 data, the housing types prevalent in these two communities are also as different as their land area sizes. About half of all housing units in Cal Young are detached house. Amazon, on the other hand, has 92.7% of all its housing units as detached homes.

In Amazon, a majority of the male population work in service occupations; while females dominate the field of education and training. Cal Young’s males are mostly employed in sales and other office positions; women in Cal Young are also more commonly found working in sales and other office administration positions.

Looking for a home that offers close proximity to one’s occupation is quite a challenge these days, but in Amazon and Cal Young in the city of Eugene, Oregon, it is not a challenge at all. Work and home coexist in these two dynamic communities. Amazon and Cal Young are both equal contenders for the young professionals who are ready for the challenge of Eugene, Oregon. Living in Amazon and Cal Young can be a wonderful experience for young and old.

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