Attractive Qualities of Eugene Oregon Real Estate Key to Successful Home Purchase

The city of Eugene, Oregon, is a beautiful place to live and has a lot of attractions. Get close to nature with the Willamette River Bike Trail, Hendricks Park, Mount Pisgah, or Cascades Raptor Center. The city houses the Hayward Field and Autzen Stadium, for those who love sports events. If it’s education for your children that you’re looking for, the city is also home to the University of Oregon.

Aside from the above, Eugene offers great livelihood opportunities. The tech and entrepreneur sectors are highly active. The Eugene City News reported recent happenings showing this. For instance, start-ups swept awards in the Willamette Angel Conference, an event that brings together entrepreneurs who are looking for funding and investors who are looking for business endeavors that have good potential. The Eugene branch of the Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network (RAIN) also held the graduation of the second class of startup companies, including business services, marketing firms and biotech. These activities all contribute to the continuous economic progress envisioned by the city’s government.

All these start-up activities are stimulating the real estate industry. If you decide to move in to Eugene for business or work pursuits, you’ll definitely need a home. You’ll also need some real estate insight to find a nice home that fits your needs and budget.

Eugene Oregon Real Estate

Home Buying Advice

First of all, make a plan. You have to give yourself as much time as possible to prepare for the purchase. Set a target date or deadline when you plan to make the purchase. Three-to-six months before that date, your money should already be secured, meaning you can no longer move your money around or make any big purchases.

The idea is to keep your credit profile clean. You want to show the lenders that you are reliable. Moreover, a complete paper trail allows you the best chances for a good loan. Getting a loan will be difficult if you let your debt grow, open new credit cards, or make big purchases

During your search, stay calm, stay wise and don’t make decisions based on emotions. When looking at houses, getting assistance from a real estate brokerage in Eugene, Oregon, such as Key Realty Group, Inc., will be most useful. With the company’s help, you’ll have a greater chance of finding a property with value-added features.

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