Set in the second largest city in the state of Oregon is a community of active citizens in the neighborhood association of Active Bethel Citizens. Active Bethel Citizens is one of the 23 neighborhood associations that comprise the entire community of the city of Eugene. And this community is one of the centers of Eugene real estate business.

Active Bethel Citizens is ideal for those starting their lives as young families, with a relatively lower than the city’s people per square mile ratio, there is enough space for young children to learn and play and explore the outdoors. Since 2013, more than 1000 homes were sold in Active Bethel Citizens.

About a quarter of Active Bethel Citizens’ population is married couples with children. About half of the population in this community was born in the state of Oregon. The locals here have been living off the land for generations.

Another selling point and a highlight of Active Bethel Citizens residents is that the educational attainment rate is higher than the city average of associate degrees.

The average house or home in Active Bethel Citizens has about 5-6 rooms. This is a plus for young couples looking for a fresh new home for their growing families, or for families with older children who need their own separate rooms from each other.

The estimated value of homes in Active Bethel Citizens in 2010 ranges from $130,784 to $647,533 per housing type. Detached houses in the community in 2010 on average were valued at $209,775. While 2010 estimated value of townhouses that compose of 7.9% of all housing units in Active Bethel Citizens was $647,533. Mobile homes in total, on the other hand, were valued in 2010 at $130,784.

Detached houses compose the majority of housing types in Active Bethel Citizens, with a rate of 3.1% of total housing units in the area. Townhouses and other attached housing units are at least in terms of number of units in this community, at 7.9% of total housing units. Mobile homes, on the other hand, are at 15.1% of all housing units in Active Bethel Citizens.

Given that detached homes are the standard and popular housing type in this area or community shows that it is an ideal setting to raise a family. With railways and highways that make this community accessible to all parts of the state of Oregon, it is the perfect piece of paradise for any family, young or old.

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