The city of Eugene in the state of Oregon has two lively communities that are mostly composed of detach housing units – houses that offer the owners a choice of a backyard, a front yard or a garden anywhere in between. These are the communities of Churchill and Crest Drive. These two neighborhood communities in Eugene real estate have a common theme – detached houses for you and your family (and your dog and other pets, too).

A home detached from another housing unit is a little piece of paradise for most folks, especially those who need a good lawn and a green yard to keep their hearts and minds happy. Raising children often comes at a price and the solution to all the stress is a house with enough room for the children and the relaxation that comes from nature through gardens and a lawn.

In Crest Drive, the entire neighborhood as of 2010 data is 78.5% detached housing units. Churchill, on the other hand, has about 65% of all its housing units as detached houses, meaning lots and lots of room for yards and outdoor play for the children.
In terms of house sales, 2013-2014 data shows that 50 houses were sold in Churchill neighborhood. Crest Drive on the other hand had over 200 sold houses.

Raising a family is ideal in Churchill and Crest Drive. An As of recent studies done in 2010, about over a quarter of the entire population of these two neighborhood communities are composed of families raising children. Families composed of married couples top the list of the socio-demographic profile of these communities. The poverty level in both Churchill and Crest Drive is way below the city average.

In these two communities, the socio-economic picture is almost the same – majority of males are employed in sales and office positions while a majority of females are employed in education and training posts.

There are many similarities for both of these communities and the best one is that they are ideal places to raise children, earn a living and live life to the fullest, with a back and front yard to top it all off.