The Downtown District is the Downtown in Eugene, Oregon. Downtown is a neighborhood community that is the bustling area of the second largest city in the entire state of Oregon and a treasure in Eugene Oregon real estate.

The Downtown community is one of the most densely populated areas of the entire city, with a 5,488 people per square mile ratio. To have a sense of how it is to be in

Downtown, the entire population in its half a square mile area is 2,974 as of the latest statistical data available. And this means living the life in the fast lane, fun, and games.
Living in such a densely populated area of Eugene, can only mean one thing – you will be the center of the Downtown universe and the galaxy that is Eugene, Oregon.

This community of Eugene City is most suited for young professionals who are living the mantra of work hard and play hard. As of 2010, the most recent statistical data available, the average age of the population for males and females is 29 years old. Yes, this is where the young and the hip come to live. But statistical data show that more than half of the residents are married couple families with children. The Downtown area is definitely dominated by young families raising young kids.

A plus side to living in Downtown, Eugene is that the rent is significantly lower than the city’s average rent prices. The median rent for Downtown is about 100 dollars less than the city’s overall median rent in 2010. This is one of the reasons the young live here – affordable rent.

In terms of house sales for 2014, 21 housing units were sold in Downtown neighborhood.

Because it is a hotspot of the young and the free, it is also the area in Eugene that has one of the highest populations of non-native folks or foreigners.

Most of the population in Downtown, Eugene is composed primarily of young married couple families. And as such, it is not only a place for the single and the young, it is also a place where the young families settle to raise kids and earn a living as well. It is not only a place to party, but it is also a place to raise a family.