Eugene, Oregon Real Estate has 19 official neighborhoods, each with its own features, activities and culture. Folks in the Churchill section of Eugene like to keep active with all of the athletic gatherings and agendas. Westside has a creative art house feel, where you soon can become a fixture at one of the local coffee shops and find other like-minded artisans. Or you can make an architectural statement in the Crest Drive neighborhood, where a central concept is your home as your sanctuary and whatever defines you.

Residents of the Friendly Area Neighborhood take pride in their cafes, bistros and markets offering fine organic produce and products and regional wines from the vineyards of Oregon. Bertelsen Nature Park is a hotspot in the West Eugene neighborhood, a place to see dragonflies, otters and wetland trees. For more hustle and bustle, consider the Ferry Street Bridge and the Oakway Mall. And for a step back into quiet simplicity, there’s the McKenzie River area. Downtown Eugene 5th Street Public Market and surrounding area are perfect for shopping, family strolls, dog walks and leisurely bike rides.

These are only eight of Eugene Oregon Real Estate 19 neighborhoods but are enough to see how easy it will be to find your niche and come home to Eugene, Oregon.