It’s a happy dance when a home seller heard the news that his/her Eugene Oregon Real Estate Listing was sold. It may not be the case for home buyers who just fell in love with the home listing but they are not ready to bid.

Home buyers may be doubtful if now is a great time for them to purchase EUGENE OREGON real estate or place their home on the market. There are many benefits to consider. Below you will find an extensive list why now is the time to buy property.

Bear in mind that many or all of the advantages to purchasing as listed below are for a single family residence:

  • Interest rates are very low.
  • Homeowners get a tax break.
  • A permanent residence provides security as you grow your family.
  • A Home purchase is an investment that will continue to grow in value.
  • You will build equity.

That being said, all of these are absolutely true and depend on the present economic time that we are in. Loan rates today are at a 60 year low.

Finally, if you happen to be an investor, you can buy properties under value and then rent it while the equity grows.

Eugene Oregon Real Estate Listing

Listed below are a few more reasons to purchase a home:

  • The simple pride and joy of ownership.
  • Real estate appreciates over time.
  • Capital Gain Exclusion: the profit you will make when you sell can be tax-free.
  • Most people accumulate most of their wealth in the equity in their home.

People sometimes ask why they require a real estate agent to help buy a house. The simple truth is that a very good broker would go to bat for you and manage all the paperwork and make sure you do not make any mistakes. Below you will find many compelling reasons to hire us to represent you.

Does it cost to hire a real estate agent?

Hiring us as a real estate agent does not cost you money, the seller most times pays the buyer’s agent fee. We sell all types of properties and are a cooperative Multiple Listing Service. You do not really need to call the agent on the sign. You will get access to all homes, so you are well represented, even when you buy from an unrepresented seller.

The agent on the sign works for the SELLER to get them the highest price possible, not you.
We have access to a vast team of qualified professionals that includes home inspectors, title and escrow specialists and also numerous contractors/inspectors.

We have comprised a list of professional recommendations on what you need to purchase a property right now. Financial institutions are under more scrutiny than ever. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you adhere to the new laws and regulations.

Here are some good house-buying guidelines to follow: 

  • Get pre-approved. A lender can help you determine your comfort with monthly payments.
  • Use a local person. Get a recommendation from your broker.
  • Get a pre-approval letter. This is essential when negotiation the lowest price possible.
  • Start looking for homes with us—the exciting part! Identify needs vs. wants within your financial budget.
  • Identify homes you wish to research further and make an appointment.
  • Write an offer. Your broker will help you decide on a price range to make the offer in. This would be based upon active listings and comparable sales.
  • Always get an inspection. It is very important to understand what you are getting yourself into when you are buying a property. Think of it as a $175-750 insurance policy on your new home.

Have the bank order the appraisal to be sure that the property’s value is consistent with your offer price.

Typically when the buyer’s loan documents are issued and signed at the title company, the documents go back to the lender for the final underwriting evaluation. When the final review is completed then lender finances the loan and it is recorded at the county. Only then, does the buyer own the home.

This is a brief summary of what to expect when purchasing a property. There are many more details that take place, so work with a good broker and lender and reduce your stress!

To find the perfect property in Eugene or Springfield, Oregon, go to our Search and New Listings pages for EUGENE OREGON real estate listings. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Good luck on your search!

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