Eugene Oregon History and Education Relating to Real Estate

Eugene Oregon History and Education – Relating to Real Estate

Eugene Oregon History and it’s real estate is set in a busy city that does not forget its rich history.  The emphasis on culture and education that was strong over 120 years ago is still prominent today. If this appeals to you, it only gets better.

Eugene Oregon History - Skinner Butte ParkEugene Franklin Skinner built the first cabin in the area in 1846. Sixteen years later, he founded the town of Eugene in 1862. The cabin itself had many roles over the years, serving as a trading post and an official post office. Skinner eventually operated a ferry service that ran across the Willamette River where Ferry Street Bridge now stands. Eugene Skinner’s descendants – like Gene Skinner, a local teacher, and pianist – still live in Eugene Oregon today.

Victoria House - Sheldon Murphy

Shelton Murphy Victorian House

You’ll find many choices in Eugene OR real estate around landmarks like the famous Campbell House, which sits at the base of Skinner’s Butte, again named after Eugene Skinner. This historical house has been the home of many who have traveled through Eugene, and even to this day you can still stay at this bed and breakfast inn.

Education has always been a strong force in Eugene, starting with Columbia College. Founded a handful of years after the University of Oregon, two highly damaging fires struck the college within a few years’ time. The second fire caused the city to decide not to rebuild, thus leaving College Hill without a college.

Today, though, the University of Oregon is home to the famous ‘Ducks’ where one-third of the population goes to the ‘Oregon Duck Games.’ It also boasts a modern law school and athletics center. So if you’re looking for a nearby school where academics and athletics go hand in hand, then shopping for Eugene OR real estate is a good idea.

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