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Springfield Oregon Real Estate

You’ll find beautiful choices in Springfield Oregon real estate. However, aside from the homes themselves, you’ll discover countless choices in things to do and see. So whether it’s fine arts, a museum tour through history, or outdoor recreational fun, just know that any Springfield Oregon real estate you purchase is never too far from the excitement.
More Than Springfield Oregon Real Estate – A City on the Move

Almost all Springfield Oregon real estate is near at least one of the 35 parks available in the area. The parks themselves offer a host of different recreational facilities, such as tennis courts, teen centers, a community center and the center for senior citizens. There’s also the Lively Swim Pool Center that’s home to indoor water slides, a wave pool and fun center. For those looking to spend the day learning about Springfield’s unique history, there’s always the Springfield Museum. Although targeted primarily to young students, it is open to the public.
Much of the Springfield Oregon real estate you’ll find is also close to several beautiful golf courses. The famous Tokatee Golf Course sits by the McKenzie River, and an additional golf course sits upon the McKenzie near Deerhorn.

Springfield is also known for its Filbert Festival, which boasts the famous hazelnuts that are sold around the world. This festival includes music, face painting, art and dancing. In addition, many people believe that Springfield Oregon was the inspiration for ‘The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening, who grew up in nearby Portland, although it’s never been confirmed or denied. In the end, though, with so much to see and do, it’s easy to understand why Springfield Oregon real estate is so popular.

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