Key Realty Group Client Testimonial

“My wife and I decided to leave Eugene and move to either Virginia or Maryland and we hoped we could sell our house sooner than later so we could hit the road and get our new life elsewhere underway.

From the first meeting to the last, Simon Smith was up front, direct, and perceptive. I don’t remember ever saying to him that we wanted to sell the house as quickly as possible, but he picked up on that and got the process moving right away.

In working quickly for us, he was also deliberate and did a thorough job comparing our property to others in arriving at a price to list the house. He was straight forward about what he determined we needed to do to freshen up the house and make it look even better and he had painters, a landscape company, and, later, a contractor ready to go to do the work we needed before an offer was made and after our property had been inspected.

That he had these people he works with ready to go saved us a lot of trouble in having to find workers and moved the process of selling the house right along.

Throughout the process, Simon Smith’s Office Manager, Deb Jurasevich, kept us aware of everything that was going on, up to the minute. She not only got documents to us right away and helped me understand what they were about, she helped us make sure the workers we needed were both scheduled and understood the work we needed them to do.

We had offers on our house immediately. It was on the market for a very short period of time and we accepted an offer that was $13,000 dollars over our asking price, thanks to the fact that Simon assertively contacted realtors he knew who had clients who wanted a property like ours and drummed up interest in our home right away.

We closed the sale in about three weeks and Simon Smith and Deb Jurasevich were attentive to every detail of the closing and helped us get the deal done right.

I was anxious going into the process, but Simon and Deb not only put me at ease with their great help. They made it so that my wife and I could leave Eugene at a most opportune time for everything, having to do with the sale of our house finished.

I was very grateful for Key Realty’s superb service”

Bill Woolum