The 7 Master Keys to Selling a Home in Eugene Oregon Area

The 7 Master Keys to Selling A Home in Eugene Oregon

Are You Planning of Selling a Home in Eugene Oregon?

Selling a Home in Eugene OregonThe Eugene Oregon Realtors with Key Realty Group have been hand picked for their real estate experience, knowledge, success record, client commitment and professionalism.

They’ve been through up markets (a seller’s market) and down markets (a buyer’s market). And they know how to guide you through the current market to sell your home at the highest price the market will bear in the shortest amount of time. Here are the keys they use to help you reach your goal:

Key #1 – Home Asking Price

As a Eugene, Oregon real estate seller, you have many important decisions to make, but setting your asking price is the most critical. Set it too high and your home will languish on the market, ignored by agents and buyers alike, while comparable Eugene homes that are priced right for today’s market attract all the traffic and offers. Set it too low and you leave money on the closing table.

Your Key Realty Eugene real estate agent has access to all MLS data. To help you determine the fair market value of your Eugene home, your agent will provide you with a “Comparative Market Analysis,” also called a CMA. This CMA compares your home to similar homes that have recently sold and to other homes currently on the market. The latter are your competition.

Your Key Realty agent also has intimate knowledge of Eugene OR homes and understands market differences from one neighborhood to the next. Weighing this knowledge and understanding with the CMA, your agent can give you an estimate of what your home is worth in today’s market—its fair market value.

Your CMA is free and without any obligation whatsoever. Request a CMA online today or call 541-636-4580 for a Key Realty agent to come to your home for a free in-depth assessment.


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Preparing Your Home

Key #2 — Preparing Your Home

Selling a home in Eugene Oregon.Once you’ve set your asking price, you must prepare your home for sale by cleaning, de-cluttering, de-personalizing and making any improvements needed to increase your home’s curb appeal and create a “show home” effect.

Your Key Realty Group agent has valuable insight gained daily from watching buyers’ emotional response as they enter and tour homes. Your agent’s insight into how buyers respond gives you a huge advantage in the marketplace. So, listen to your agent and take his/her advice.

This valuable feedback will help you draw attention to your home’s most positive features and correct any negative aspects. These are usually easy-to-fix cosmetic things to brighten up your home such as taking down the draperies and letting in the light, painting, re-carpeting and removing some of the furniture and all of the clutter to make the space look larger.

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Marketing Plan

Key #3 — Marketing Plan

Internet marketingBecause nearly all homebuyers (last report was 93%) begin their home search on the Internet, Internet exposure of your home’s listing is the critical key to a successful marketing plan.

Your Key Realty agent has access to the largest Internet syndication network in the industry. This means your home will get maximum Internet exposure and be advertised on over three dozen popular home-search sites used by local homebuyers, relocating homebuyers and real estate investors throughout the world.

And once your newly listed home is in our syndication network, you can stay informed about how well it’s doing out there. We provide you with detailed statistics and reports from all of our supported syndication partners. These reports are available from within your own private Seller Login area here on the Key Realty Group Web site.

All of this is in addition to featuring your home on the Key Realty site, which is user friendly, professionally designed and written and optimized for the search engines to bring high traffic. It’s also in addition to your listing’s entry into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). And it’s in addition to your Key Realty agent’s area print advertising and marketing.

To get your home’s marketing plan started, call 541-636-4580 and speak with a Key Realty agent today.

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Agent Networking

Key #4 — Agent Local Networking

A buyer’s market such as we have today can cause home sellers to think they’ll save by not paying an agent’s commission. Problems arise when their FSBO (For Sale by Owner) attracts buyers who are also looking to save and therefore shave at least the agent’s commission off the top of their offer. But because buyer and seller can’t both save the same commission fee, the seller usually ends up selling for less. And this, without getting any of the benefits of an agent’s professional help.

Also, with so many buyers shopping for a home on the Internet, home sellers often think they can easily use the Internet to sell their home. However, when homebuyers go online, they’re confronted with hundreds of choices and quickly realize that, to make the best decision, they need professional help. It costs a buyer nothing to work with an agent, and statistics show that most buyers who begin their search on the Internet turn to a real estate professional to help them compare homes and guide them through the buying process.

What does this mean for you as a home seller?

It means you’ll find the greatest number of homebuyers shopping for a home with their real estate agent. Key Realty Group agents are in good standing in the real estate community and have access to and network with these agents whose clients are qualified buyers. When you list your home with a Key Realty agent, she or he will promote your home to all the other agents who will bring you their buyers.

And remember, your Key Realty agent has a database of buyers who have expressed an interest in a home like yours. As soon as you list your home, your agent will alert them all. Call 541-636-4580 or email us to get your home sale started today.

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Price Negotiation

Key #5 — Price Negotiation

Price negotiationWhile most people consider negotiation intimidating, your Key Realty Group agent has a successful real estate track record, which means your agent is a skilled negotiator with years of practice. Negotiating on your behalf is one of your agent’s primary duties, as it is his/her legal responsibility to act in your best interest at all times. This includes negotiating with buyers and their agents for the best price and terms possible.

Buyers and sellers are natural adversaries. And in a buyer’s market such as we have today, this fact is accentuated by the many buyers who are looking for a steal. When lowball offers come in, sellers—who are not experts at negotiating to begin with—often get upset and become so emotionally involved that, without an agent, they would be unable to negotiate on their own with any degree of skill. This is when your Key Realty agent serves you as the voice of reason. And if the buyers are indeed serious, your agent is able to negotiate on your behalf until a win-win agreement is reached.

To have a skilled professional negotiator working for your interests, call 541-636-4580 and speak with a Key Realty agent.

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Key #6 — Communication

Woman-with-notepag-OlgaVAt Key Realty Group, we believe communication is the key ingredient to giving you a stress-free home-selling experience. This includes everything from weekly reports on agent/buyer showing feedback to real estate market updates to answering all of your questions in detail and thoroughly explaining all contracts, forms and agreements. With a fully computerized high-tech office supporting your Key Realty agent, she or he is able to communicate with you in the way that you choose.

Your Key Realty agent will also communicate promptly with prospective buyers who call after seeing the for sale sign in your yard. And your agent will respond quickly to prospective buyers who inquire after seeing your home on the Internet. Our promise of quick follow-up on your home’s buyer leads is key to getting your home sold in the timeframe you need.

Call 541-636-4580 and speak with a Key Realty agent to get your home sale started today.

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Transaction Closing

Key #7 — Transaction Closing

Real Estate Transaction closing.Real estate transactions fall apart before ever reaching the closing table for a myriad of reasons. One of the key reasons for this is that time really is of the essence in a real estate transaction.

And yet … some agents approach deadlines and due dates as if they will be extended automatically. Too often, this isn’t true and the transaction fails simply because proper responses, inspections and other contingencies were not met on time.

Other times, transactions fail because the buyer’s lender doesn’t stay on top of deadlines. Your Key Realty agent is skilled at prodding lenders just enough to keep things moving forward without creating the animosity that could send your transaction to “the bottom of the pile.”

Sometimes it’s a last minute glitch that needs re-negotiation. Other times it’s a missing document. But you can rest easy knowing that a Key Realty agent is protecting your interests.

Your Key Realty agent stays in touch with all parties involved in closing your transaction. And he or she makes sure that every deadline, due date and detail is tended to on time so that your transaction stays on track all the way to the closing table and a successful outcome.

Selling a Home in Eugene Oregon is just a phone call away. Call 541-636-4580 or email to speak with a Key Realty agent and get your home sale started.