Selling your Eugene Area home is never something you do on a whim. There can be rare situations when the decision to sell is a sudden one that’s forced by unexpected life circumstances. Selling your Eugene/Springfield home is not likely to be the result of a sudden impulse.

Most of us will be aware for some time that we will be selling sooner or later. That gives us some leeway for improving the ultimate results we can expect when an eventual sale takes place. Thinking about it, and acting upon it, constitutes a strategic advantage.

The tactics for selling your Eugene/Springfield home will vary when the day comes, depending on market conditions. Comparable properties will be one of the largest factors in determining the value of your home. This is unpredictable. But tactics and strategy are different. A strategy can start anytime. It can start right now!

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Here’s an example I came across in an old blog post. Instead of discussing selling your Eugene Area home, it dealt with the kind of decision investors make when they are rehabilitating investment properties they intend to rent. Landlords know there are good tenants and bad tenants, so their best strategy is to develop a property that will retain maximum value. An example is a decision they sometimes have to make when they’ve acquired a home that calls for some rehabbing: should they install carpeting or hardwood flooring?

Most experienced investors tend to go with the hardwood. Not only does it stand up better when it comes to regular wear and tear? ?it also signals high quality. That is also true for carpeting when it’s newly installed, but over time, the effect is diminished. A scratched hardwood floor can be refinished, but worn carpeting is a start-over situation. It’s a strategic choice.

When the day arrives when selling your Eugene/Springfield home becomes reality, if you have been making similar long-term strategic decisions all along, the results will be rewarding. Preparing for sale will not only require much less effort and expense? ?it has every likelihood of returning the results every seller hopes for.? ?Some sellers spend time money and effort on the wrong projects. Find out which upgrades are the best return on your investment.

Whether selling your own Eugene Area home is an immediate or distant thought, you are always welcome to give me a call to discuss any of your own ideas and questions when it comes to any and all Eugene Oregon real estate matters.? Key Realty Group agents are standing by!