Information about West Eugene Community – Eugene Oregon Real Estate.

West Eugene Community in the city of Eugene, Oregon is home to over 5,500 residents. The total land area of this neighborhood community is 3.992 square miles. This is 3.992 square miles of potential for Eugene Oregon real estate.

The population density in this neighborhood association is less than half of citywide numbers. The entire city of Eugene has 3,831 people per square mile population density. The West Eugene Community on the other hand only has a population density ratio of 1,379 people per square mile. This means more opportunity for real estate growth.

On a resident’s point of view, a low population density means more space for each home’s yard and lawn. This area is an ideal spot in raising children or retiring to a spacious home with a considerably sized garden to take care of.

The West Eugene Community is home to the Amazon Creek and the Willow Creek. These bodies of water are ideal for family outings and outdoor water activities like kayaking, canoeing, and swimming.

The median household income in this part of the city is very close to citywide median income. West Eugene Community’s median household income in 2010 is only over a thousand dollars more than the citywide median income per household in 2010 which was pegged at $40,713.

Over half of the total houses in this neighborhood are comprised of detached housing units, with an estimated total value of $181,906 in the year 2010. This figure is significantly lower than the 2010 citywide estimated value for detached houses, which was $235,108. In 2014, 3 houses were sold in this community.

Sales, office jobs, and service occupations are the top sources of income for the majority of men and women who are residents of West Eugene Community. The population’s median age is at 33 years for males and 38 years for women. The total number of the population in terms of gender is as follows: there are 2,831 males, and there are 2,451 females.