West University Neighborhood in Eugene Oregon

West University Neighborhood in Eugene Oregon is where most students are living.

The neighborhood community that is West University in the city of Eugene in Oregon is located directly west of the University of Oregon, home to thousands of university students. It has a lot of potential for the Eugene real estate market given its strategic location and the fast movement of students in the University area.

Since April 2012, there have been 52 houses sold in the West University neighborhood of Eugene. The latest recorded sale was on January 15, 2015.

Because this is a neighborhood of the young and the ones in the stream of fast-paced living, detached houses take a back seat, with only 6.7% of all houses being detached housing units. The total estimated value of detached houses in the West University community in 2010 was $345,198, slightly higher than the citywide figures for detached houses. The city’s overall estimated values for detached houses for the same year was at $322,413.

Rent prices in this area are slightly lower than the rest of Eugene city. As of 2011 the median rent in West University was at $618, about a hundred dollars lower than citywide rent prices for the same period.

The total land area of West University community is only 0.335 square miles. Its population density, however, is more than the average figures for other neighborhood communities and the entire city figures for population density. The population density of the West University community in 2010 was 13,911 people per square mile. This is over triple the population density of the entire city which was pegged at 3,831 people per square mile in 2010.

Given its location being adjacent to Oregon’s flagship university, the majority of the population is young adults with a median age of 23 years for men and 22 years for women. As of 2010 data, the number of males in this community is 2,451. Females in the entire neighborhood are in total 2,203 for the year 2010.

Because a big chunk of the population are students, the median household income for West University community residents is only $12,893, only over a fourth of the citywide median household income for the same year which was $40,713.

The top sources of livelihood or income in this neighborhood are sales and office jobs and service occupations. These trends hold true for both men and women who are in the workforce in 2010.

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